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Schmoll Maschinen Schmoll Direct Imaging


Schmoll MDI Micromirror-Digital-Imaging

Schmoll MDI is offering an efficient, German made, digital direct imaging machine with DMD-technology. The UV-light is transferred to the PCB by micro mirror chips with high resolution; therefore, two different wavelengths are integrated to get a suitable spectrum for resist and solder mask applications. Ideal imaging results are achieved due to a high precision registration concept and adaption of shrink and stretch values as well as offset calculations. The flexible design of the photoheads makes a customer-specific adaption of head distances possible. Individual design for different panel sizes leads to very efficient exposing times.

  • Cost-efficient and high-quality digital-direct-imaging with high-power UV-LEDs and DMD-technology
  • Operator friendly concept with compact construction and small footprint
  • Application options for inner layer, outer layer and solder mask
  • MDI-ST: compact MDI single table (1.7m2 footprint)
  • MDI-TT: Tandem table for high throughput (5.5m2 footprint)
  • Two head designs available
  • Flexible number of heads and head distances for shortest exposure times
  • Dual wavelength concept with high performance

Machine Options:

  • Inner Layer registration by UV-LED marking system
  • Clamping system especially for solder mask applications
  • HEPA-filter clean-room-concept
  • Flip-mode for double sided job processing
  • Customer specific solutions for automation

For more information, contact Kurt Palmer at: +1 714-379-5090