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Printed Circuit Board Links

Schmoll Maschinen GmBH

Schmoll Maschinen GmBH is located in Rödermark Germany

Bacher Systems

Bacher Systems is located in Rödermark Germany

IMPEX Leiterplatten GmbH

IMPEX Leiterplatten GmbH is located in St. Michael, Austria


 Located in Neuhausen Germany, LHMT GmbH provides PCB solutions for automation as well as scoring and flash cutting. In addition, LHMT has the complete service and spare parts business for Bacher Systems.


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From the trusted folks at I-Connect007, brings you exclusive industry trade show photo and video coverage.

IPC Association Connecting Electronics Industries

The IPC Association Connecting Electronics Industries is a global trade association dedicated to the competitive excellence and financial success of its member companies which include designers, board manufacturers, assembly companies, suppliers and OEMs.