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Printed Circuit Board Burkle GmbH

Multilayer Vacuum Press Work Cell

With the ability to expand into a higher volume system as production needs dictate, Burkle’s modular WorkCell2 provides a precision Vacuum Lamination System that features:
  • Even pressure distribution across the platen surface
  • A modern State-of-the-Art heating system
  • Burkle’s traditional all-steel construction
  • A precision hydraulic control system
  • A user-friendly process visualization system
  • An affordable initial investment 
As shown above, the Burkle WorkCell2 expands to a semi-automated production system with its additional conveyor module.
A variety of productive and economical material handling systems have been tailor-made to meet customer design requirements.

Shown here: Bürkle Multi-Day Light Vacuum Lamination Hot Press

For more information, contact Dave Howard at: +1 714-379-5090