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Ruhlamat and Burkle North America Enter into Distribution Agreement

January 15, 2015 at 12:39 PM

burkle_ruhlamat200.jpgHelfried Weinzerl, President of Bürkle North America, and Berthold Klever, Head of Sales of Ruhlamat Germany, announce a distribution partnership effective January 15, 2015 for all of North America including Canada, the United States and Mexico.

This agreement comes at an opportune time for North American card manufacturers as the plastic card industry transitions toward smart card technologies.

Bürkle North America maintains a strong presence in the plastic card industry introducing the SMARTcard Workcell© a package consisting of a collation system, precision counterbalanced lamination system and productive card blanking system. Coupled with ruhlamat’s cavity milling system, module implanting system and ruhlamat’s antennae laying and inlay manufacturing system, the Bürkle/Ruhlamat offering provides a powerful line of equipment for the strong growth forecasted for Smart Cards.

About Ruhlamat: For several decades Ruhlamat has provided Automated Engineering Solutions for Smart card and passport processing solutions providing an array of equipment for Smart Card Solutions, (e-) PASSPORT Solutions, Module Solutions and Inlay/RFID Solutions. Located in Marksuhl, Germany, Ruhlamat has been the choice of card manufacturers worldwide.

About Bürkle: Burkle North America is the North American Distribution organization for Robert Buerkle GmbH since the early 1990s. Bürkle Germany’s sophisticated core technologies of Lamination and Coating serve a number of industries including the plastic card, electronics, glass, photovoltaic and surfaces technologies industries.

For further information contact Dave Howard at 714-379-5090.