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Crowe Retires After 30 Years at Burkle

December 31, 2013 at 12:00 PM

dcrowe.jpgAt the recent Bürkle North America Board of Directors meeting held in Freudenstadt, Germany current CEO and company founder, Richard (Dick) Crowe, announced his pending retirement effective December 31, 2013. Concurrently, Helfried Weinzerl, current president and chief operating officer, was elected to the position of president and CEO. Crowe was reelected as chairman of the Board.

Crowe's association with Bürkle began in 1983 while vice president of sales at Excellon Automation. Excellon and Bürkle recognized the need for precision lamination equipment in the printed wiring board industry as multilayer product was, at that time, beginning to dominate PCB design and manufacturing. The lamination equipment augmented Excellon's approach to offer a full service product line to the mechanical side of PWB fabrication. Subsequently, Bürkle and Excellon separated in early 1991 and Crowe formed Bürkle USA and then Bürkle North America. Bürkle products were then successfully introduced to the plastic card lamination industry; the photovoltaic and glass industry and successfully reintroduced to the woodworking industry before the link up of the woodworking product line in the U.S. with Stiles Machinery in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Crowe commented, "The association with Bürkle has undoubtedly been the highlight of a 50-year career in the Capital Goods Industry. Bürkle is a fine German company with excellent products and good people. I have been able to make many friendships at Bürkle that will last a lifetime."

Crowe also said, "The election of Helfried Weinzerl to lead Bürkle for the next several years is an excellent addition. Helfried brings a strong engineering and business background to the company and will continue to manage Bürkle North America with a strong emphasis on customer support, integrity and professionalism."

Acting in the capacity as chairman and as an Advisor to the company through 2014 Crowe's association will enable continuity with the existing customer base and help to identify new markets and opportunities.