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Bürkle's 50th Ypsator Multi-Opening PV Lamination System

November 25, 2012 at 1:00 PM

Bürkle's Ypsator® is a Multi-Stack System used in nearly all applications from Thin Film Solar, Crystalline Solar and Glass-to-Glass applications. More than half of the Ypsators shipped are for thin film module mass production, about one third for crystalline module mass production and the balance for development and pilot production. The Ypsator System provides a modular concept of up to 10 stacks and up to 3 process steps, enabling Heating Modules as well as a cooling configuration. Unique features of the Ypsator are its small footprint but yet high volume production capability and its energy efficient thermal fluid heating system. For glass-glass modules, the Multi-Opening Lamination Line is configured with three process steps based on Bürkle's proprietary Ypsolar process. Bürkle's design concept has evolved from Bürkle's wide range experience of designing and manufacturing high volume production equipment for nearly 100 years.

In addition to lamination systems Bürkle also provides precision coating systems used for Anti-reflective coating on glass and other liquid coating applications. Uniform precision roller coating has been a mainstay in Bürkle's product line for several decades. The latest application coats liquid materials as thin as 10 um.