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Burkle North America Greensboro Technology Center Open House – Day One

April 18, 2018 at 3:11 PM

The first day of Burkle North America’s Greensboro Technology Center Open House was a huge success with over 60 guests attending the live equipment demonstrations and innovative technology presentations. The focus of the day was digital printing/coating, 3D lamination, spray coating and PUR lamination.

group-handshake-burkle-NA-500.jpgOlaf Rohrbeck, Burkle senior management from Germany, Helfried Weinzerl, president of Burkle North America and Richard (Dick) Crowe, chairman of Burkle North America opened the day with an interesting presentation from Herr Rohrbeck on Burkle’s future business strategy. Mr. Rohrbeck emphasized the future of Burkle’s technology development along with the movement toward the implementation of Industry 4.0. Rohrbeck stated that this will enable the development team to simulate the entire automated system digitally, allowing them to completely test the system before the equipment is even on the factory assembly floor!

Digital printing and surface coating using Burkle’s LFC-1600 Roller Coating system also coated Luxury Vinyl Tiles as part of the equipment demonstration. The LVT market segment, the fastest growing market segment today, has been forecasted at $1.1 Billion and growing at an 8% compounded annual growth rate.